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Enigmapc 2004

Enigma Personal Computing was born out of the frustration of two colleagues tired of seeing surplus and redundant IT equipment being condemned and marked for scrap when if given a little time it could readily be used by less demanding users.

Thu’s EPC was born, a small enterprise, helping Companies big or small to recycle their surplus IT equipment and give them the chance to help others to solve there IT problems.

At EPC we believe that everyone, young or old, should have the chance to experience the ‘Electronic’ revolution and take that giant step into Cyber Space.

To that end we can supply both new and Second User Equipment to suit you. We will take the time to asses your needs and advise you as to the best way forward.

Now, whilst we may not be able to always be the cheapest (but we do try!), if there is something you may need from components to just plain old advice, then we will do our very best!

We thank you for visiting our small corner of cyber space and hope that we can be of some assistance. If you don’t see what you are after, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks again